Unique papercraft objects

Welcome to our section of papercraft decoration objects!

You will find here many models, human models but also many other models.

Some to be hung on your wall, others to put on a piece of furniture or shelves.

► Choose the sculpture that you like the most and the most adequate with your decor!

► Read the instructions, print the pattern & assemble!

► Customize your sculpture according to your taste!

► Do not forget to write a comment on our site once you will have finished.

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Four funny faces
US$ 6.8
Relax paper sign
US$ 5.7
Crazy road sign
US$ 6.8
Running man
US$ 9.1
Teddy bear sign
US$ 8.0
Christmas tree
US$ 9.1
Statue of Liberty
US$ 9.1
Saint Valentine’s pack
US$ 8.0
Spaceship papercraft
US$ 8.0
US$ 9.1
Halloween pumpkins
US$ 8.0
Garden gnome
US$ 9.1
Falling man
US$ 9.1
US$ 11.4
Santa Claus
US$ 9.1
US$ 4.6 US$ 0.0
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