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Welcome to our free papercraft templates section!

If you are an absolute beginner, you don’t even know how it works! You are in the right place!

All our papercraft templates come with step-by-step instructions in English (even the free models), so, it is perfect for a “try”. You need to know that you will need time, patience and precision! But it is fun and relaxing to make and the result is self-rewarding.

► Pick the model you like the most & download the template!

► Print it & craft!

► Customize the sculpture according to your taste!

One minimalist face papercraft

One minimalist face

You like doing DIY, having unique & customizable objects & the pride to be part of their con..

0 € 2 €

Simple road sign papercraft

Simple road sign

You like doing DIY, having unique & original objects. You like puzzles and all the objects to as..

0 € 2 €

I LOVE YOU sign papercraft


You like to say “I LOVE YOU” and not only on Saint Valentin day! Make your own I LOVE YOU paper sign..

0 € 4 €

Heart papercraft


No present idea for Saint Valentine's day? Make your own papercraft heart with our printable PDF pat..

0 € 2 €

Halloween pumpkin papercraft

Halloween pumpkin

Make your own papercraft Halloween pumpkin with our FREE printable PDF pattern! It’s easy! Just foll..

0 € 2 €

Robot papercraft


Make your own vintage papercraft robot with our free printable PDF template! It’s easy! Just follow ..

0 € 4 €

Framed heart papercraft

Framed heart

Make your own papercraft framed heart with our printable PDF pattern! It’s easy! Just follow the ins..

0 € 4 €

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