Frequently Asked Questions

My items are digital files (PDF format) that you could download as soon as your purchase will be confirmed. One of the PDF files is the instructions (it doesn’t need to be print - if you want to, you can print it on a normal office paper). This document explains step-by-step how to assemble your sculpture. The other file is the pattern to be print on a thick paper (using A4 / A3 - Letter / Tabloid in the US).

The pictures of each item show the sculpture once finished.

An example of one of my patterns:

Of course, everybody can make it. You will just need the right utensils to do it but more important, you will need time, motivation & patience. It is a fiddly job but it is entertaining. I personally use it to relax with music as the process of cutting, gluing and folding has become an automatism. If your child is under 12, I advise to make it with him/her. I didn’t recommend letting a child under 12 to do it by him/herself. If you have never done a paper craft sculpture before, it hasn’t to stop you. Just follow the instructions & you will soon realize that it isn't so difficult than what it seems.

A sculpture in progress with the tools I use for the assemblage:

One of the best recommendation I can give is to follow the order of the pattern (Page A, Page B,...). The small parts are harder to assemble because they have small folds so I recommend to begin with them. If the sculpture has a pointed part (like a horn for example), you must begin with the point (it is usually explained in the pattern). If the sculpture has a base or a neck, I recommend to finish with it.

  • Paper scissors to cut each piece of the template.
  • A scoring tool (X-acto, Pen Cutter or even a small knife) for folding the pieces.
  • A ruler (metal ruler is better).
  • A nice working space to give you motivation.
  • The printed pattern. 
  • Paper glue. 

I recommend a paper of at least 200 gsm. I personally use an “illustration paper” of 270 gsm (grammage) and it is works perfect for that kind of sculpture. It is stronger and it will give more strength to the final sculpture. You can print on a color paper (personally I don’t as I always paint the sculpture at the end). The format of paper is A3 or A4 (some of the sculptures can be printed in A3 or A4 format and it won’t change the size of the final sculpture – some of the sculptures has to be printed in A3 or A4). I personally go in a print house with an USB Pendrive, I buy the paper & print it there.

White paper glue works perfectly for those sculptures. It dries in few minutes. After gluing, you just have to press the two pieces of paper few seconds and that all!

Of course, it is a good idea. You have three options:

  1. You can offer the pattern as a digital file (& even send it by email if your friend or family member doesn't live near you).
  2. You can print the pattern & the instructions, put them in an attractive gift envelope & offer/send the envelope.
  3. Or even, you can assemble the sculpture yourself & offer the finished model. 

Once the pattern bought, you will have it for you so you could make the sculpture any times you want. However, you can’t sell, share or publish the pattern or the final sculpture as it is prohibited. Your purchase should be only for you. Our creations are protected by Copyright.

Yes, before or after your purchase, you can contact me by clicking on CONTACT in the main menu. 

You can also click on the link below to watch a this Youtube video which explains how to make a papercraft sculpture:

Tutorial to make our papercraft seahorse