Difficulty level: hard

Welcome to the section of our papercraft models with a "Hard difficulty level".

Here you can select the paper model according to your own experience in papercrafting!

The models here are not recommended if you are an absolute beginner!

If you are but you have a crush for one of them, you can try but first, we recommend trying with one of our easy free models.

Anyway, the result will depend of your patience and precision!

So, if you are a papercraft expert (or not):

► Pick the model you like the most & download the template!

► Print it & craft!

► Customize the sculpture according to your taste!

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Sphere lamp
US$ 6.8
Deer trophy
US$ 9.1
Couple of toucans
US$ 9.1
Christmas tree
US$ 9.1
Balloon lamp
US$ 6.8
DIAMOND lampshade
US$ 6.8
Sea turtle
US$ 9.1
Grooming cat sculpture
US$ 9.1
Funny fish sculpture
US$ 9.1
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